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Did you know that carriers DO NOT cover the full value of your valuable shipment?

Straight from their terms and conditions: "We do not provide insurance coverage of any kind. Contact an insurance agent or broker if you desire insurance coverage."

If you’re shipping gold, coins, jewelry, art, antiques or any high-value parcel package, wouldn’t you prefer the peace of mind knowing your shipping insurance covers the FULL replacement value? can save you up to 80% on shipping insurance, making sure you don’t take a loss if your shipment is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed en route to its destination.

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Prior to finding, I was assuming that my items were insured for the value I declared, only to find out that nothing is covered. I was shocked! They never told me my irreplaceable shipments were excluded from coverage. With I have peace-of-mind knowing that if my expensive antique shipments are broken, lost or stolen I will be made whole, without a hassle.
          Millicent Ford Creech, Owner
          M. Ford Creech Antiques and Fine Arts

As as retail gallery, I ship valuable items all over the world. We use because they are a 3rd party insurance company giving us an alternative to the limited insurance offered by FedEx or UPS. I recall we had an expensive lamp that was broken in shipment and had no problem at all collecting from It was all done very professionally and we had our insurance check in 3-4 weeks.
          John Terry, Owner
          Avalon Gallery - Delray Beach, FL
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  • Offers a lower cost per $100 value than your shippers
  • Covers FedEx, UPS, USPS & FedEx Freight
  • Insures values up to $75,000 and higher
  • Provides easy, safe, & secure online purchase
  • Pays claims promptly with no hassle
  • Named an ‘A’ rated insurance company