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ShipandInsure RATES

  Carrier Cost/$100 Maximum
 FedEx First Overnight $0.18 $75,000.00
 FedEx Ground $0.23 $20,000.00
 FedEx Priority Overnight $0.18 $75,000.00
 FedEx Same Day $0.22 $15,000.00
 FedEx Saver $0.24 $10,000.00
 FedEx Standard Overnight $0.20 $75,000.00
 FedEx Two Day $0.26 $25,000.00
 FedEx Freight $1.25 $75,000.00
 UPS Ground $0.26 $15,000.00
 UPS Next Day Air $0.24 $75,000.00
 USPS Priority Express $0.22 $75,000.00
 USPS Registered $0.11 $75,000.00
 USPS Priority $0.28 $10,000.00
 Domestic Freight $1.35 $50,000.00
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A $1.50 minimum charge applies to each insured shipment.
*Rates for some states vary. Contact us for verification.
Note: Other limits per underwriting approval.

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