Parcel Shipper Program provides NACA or other approved associations' members with low, discounted shipping insurance rates under our Parcel Shipper Program. After becoming an approved North American Collectibles (NACA) member, you can save thousands of dollars in shipping insurance costs. Remember... shipping carriers are in the shipping business, not the insurance business.

How can the Parcel Shipper Program save me or my company money?
Shipping many packages increases your exposure and liability. Carriers also have restrictions on insuring fragile items, fine arts, collectibles, antiques and custom products of value and may only cover up to $1,000. The carriers own form of declared value coverage is much higher than what you'll be charged through The claims process through these carriers is lengthy and tiresome... many folks just give up and take a loss. offers shipping insurance for your parcels for rates much less. Claims settlement is in as little as 10 business days, subject to policy exclusions and conditions. We make it easy, quick and save you money in the process. has rates up to 60% less than the coverage provided through the carriers. Our rates are based on established claims history. Start saving immediately upon approved NACA application. We appreciate your interest and the opportunity to serve you and your business.

Photo of a package delivery