Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

1. What shipping insurance is offered through is a private parcel and freight insurance provider, offering parcel and freight shipping insurance at greatly reduced rates over those of other carriers. Coverage provided from the other carriers is rarely discounted and most often sold at inflated rates. Your policy provides coverage for direct physical loss or damage to your shipments, subject to clearly spelled out exclusions listed in the policy. Once we receive all supporting documents, the claims process is expedited and payments are generally made within ten working days.

2. What is parcel insurance?

Parcel insurance is another name for shipping insurance. Parcel or shipping insurance covers the replacement value of the package(s) you ship through transportation carriers. If your package is lost or stolen, the parcel/shipping insurance will ensure the package is covered for the replacement value.

3. What is the difference between the coverage provided by and what my carrier is offering?

Besides the price savings when insuring your packages with, all member users receive coverage based on the policy (mailed to the insured) and on a schedule of rates posted on the website. Unlike some shipping carriers, your protection through Shipandinsure is clearly spelled out in your policy and will not change from shipment to shipment.

4. If package contents are broken during shipment, is this covered?

Breakage is covered. It is your responsibility to package your items so that they will arrive undamaged. Dropping the package from 4 ft. should not damage the contents. The insurance offered by is designed to protect against unexpected loss to shipments which are out of the control of the sender, such as theft. By limiting breakage to proven damage by the shipper, we are able to keep our rates low and pass the savings on to you.

5. How do I stop insuring with the carrier?

When you ship with a carrier, do not record a 'declared or insured value' on the package or on forms. The carriers do not need to know that you are self-insuring.

6. Who are the approved carriers for

Shipping insurance is provided for specific types of shipments made through Federal Express, United Parcel Service, the United States Postal Service or DHL for parcels and thru various freight carriers for freight shipments. See our Rates page for covered shipment options. For freight shipments only: If you have a relationship with another freight carrier, contact us for approval of that freight carrier through

7. Must the receiving party sign for the package?

YES. If a shipment is released without a signature, coverage does not apply. Do not authorize any shipment to be released without a signature. Please review the Shipping Instructions and Procedures.

8. Is coverage provided worldwide?

The covered territory, in addition to the US and its territories and possessions, includes Canada and a host of countries around the world. View our list of approved countries. Shipments must originate in the US, unless shipping inbound packages are pre-approved by If you frequently ship to a country not on our list, contact us for consideration of insuring a shipment to that country.

9. Can I make a recommendation for improving your service or website?

We appreciate all comments and recommendations from our customers. In fact, our website upgrade was a direct result from constructive input from our valued customers.

10. Can I get more insurance needed to cover a package in excess of $75,000 value?

Yes. Contact us for approval prior to your shipping date for underwriter's discretionary approval based on amount, identification of items and destination of package.

11. What if a country I wish to ship a package to is not on your country list? Can I request and receive approval for this shipment?

Contact us at least 24 hours prior to your desired shipment date for approval.


1. How do I file a claim?

  • First, notify the police if you suspect a law may have been broken.
  • Promptly notify the carrier and file a claim with them. Be sure to keep a copy of that confirmation of filing.
  • If the covered property was damaged and is in your possession, you must take all reasonable steps to protect the property from further damage.
  • If the covered property has not been received by the intended recipient (lost/theft/etc), we need to know within 48 hours of discovery (if at all possible) to attempt recovery of your property utilizing our available resources.
  • Fill out the online claim form by going to your order history and locate the entry for the shipment. Click on "File A Claim" to the left of that entry and complete the form with supporting documents. Click "Submit."
  • You may later upload any further supporting documents you did not initially have (police report, invoice/proof of wholesale or replacement value, communications with the carrier, pictures of item prior to shipment/post shipment, etc) by going back to the claim entry and clicking "View Claim" and choosing "Upload".
  • Please note: The supporting documents needed may vary between claims, however, an email is sent upon submission in order to communicate with you regarding what is needed in addition to your initial claim filing that are determined by type of claim (damage or loss).
  • Once we have received all required supporting documents, we will send you a proof of loss to sign, notarize and return to us. You should scan the form and email it to to expedite processing and mail the original to our office. Our office address is, 3002 Hempland Rd, Suite B, Lancaster, PA 17601.
  • Generally, payments are made within 10 days of receiving your signed and notarized proof of loss.


1. How do I become a member of NACA and how long does it take? is a member benefit of the North American Collectibles Association (NACA). Therefore, when you sign up for, you are also joining the NACA and able to enjoy all the benefits of the association, such as, FedEx Discount Program (50% off express shipping and 25% off ground shipping), access to inventory insurance and more! This process can usually be completed within two business days of receiving your completed application and joining is simple:

(a) If you are a member of any association listed on homepage, you can join on by choosing the appropriate association button and completing the application and making your annual dues payment.

(b) If you are NOT a member of any association listed on the homepage, then you should join on the NACA website at and click on “Join the NACA” to fill out the application and make the annual dues payment

2. Can I use a credit card to pay my NACA membership dues?

YES. Dues can be remitted to NACA using the online forms on both the and websites. The payment form will be at the end of your application form.


1. What should I do if I get a technical error when completing my purchase?

  • Check your data entry for typos, errors or special characters in the value field (no $, commas or decimals should be in the value field)
  • Try refreshing your page.
  • Try rebooting your device.
  • Call technical support at (877)393-5310.

2. Why have I been logged out automatically?

After 20 minutes of inactivity, a user is automatically logged out for security purposes.

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